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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teotihuacan-"The place where men become Gods" (Mexico)

In the 2nd century BC a brand new civilization arose in the area of Mexico. This civilization constructed the flourishing metropolis of Teotihuacán as well as it’s huge step pyramids. The Pyramid of the sun's rays was built around 100 AD and it is 75 meters (246 ft (75) high which makes it the largest building in Teotihuacán and something of the largest in Mesoamerica. The construction of small Pyramid of the Moon started a century later on and was finished in 450 The. D. Seven centuries after the death of the Teotihuacán empire the actual pyramids were honored and employed by the Aztecs and became a location of pilgrimage.

Piramide del Sol -- Pyramid of the Sun :
The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan was built in the first century AD. It has a base ten feet shorter (on each side) than the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and a volume of 2.5 million tones of stone and earth used in its construction.The alignment of this pyramid was designed to coincide with the two days a year (May 19th and July 25th) when the Sun would be directly over the top of the pyramid at noon. The East facade directly faces the rising Sun, and the West facade directly faces the Sun as it sets.In 1971 archeologists stumbled across a clover leaf shaped cave (closed to the public) believed to have been formed by a subterranean spring. Speculation abounds about this area being used as some kind of inner sanctuary or sacred place.

Piramide de la Luna -- Pyramid of the Moon :
 The Pyramid of the moon at Teotihuacan appears to be as tall as the Pyramid of the Sun due to the fact that it is built on higher ground. This pyramid was built slightly later than the Pyramid of the Sun, perhaps around the time the first was finished.The top of the Pyramid of the Moon provides the best overall view of Teotihuacan. The sight of the ruins stretching both sides of the mile long Avenue of the Dead opens ones eyes to how truly great this city once was.

Piramide de Quetzalcoatl :
 Directly across from the main entrance to Teotihuacan lies the Citadel. At first glance, this sunken square appears to be quite inferior to the larger pyramids at the other end of the Avenue of the Dead. Looks, however, can be deceiving. Take a walk around to the back side of the pyramid where the facade of a newer pyramid has been demolished, and you will find an amazing peek into the pyramid underneath built between 1 and 350 AD.The temple has images of Tlaloc (believed to have been a rain god) and Quetzalcoatl from which the temple receives its name.

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