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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laja Falls, Chile

Located in Chile’s Bío-Bío region, between Los Angeles and Chillán, the Salto del Laja, or Laja Falls, is a set of four waterfalls along Chile’s Laja River. This popular tourist attraction offers a variety of viewing options and many types of tours and other activities. Whether you see the Salto del Laja by driving over a bridge or by taking a guided boat tour, the panoramas will be great.
The Laja Falls lie next to the Pan-American Highway and are just twenty miles south of the city of Los Angeles, making them easy to reach. Additionally, they are also a convenient and interesting pit stop for travelers heading to or leaving Chillán. From Route 5, you can reach Salto del Laja Chile by driving along a bypass that reaches a small concrete bridge. There the main waterfall, with a height of about 115 feet, can be viewed well from the bridge.
In addition to the main waterfall that is most frequently photographed, there are also three other smaller falls that can be accessed by a foot bridge, which also afford great photo-taking opportunities. The Laja Falls are a result of the Laja River descending into a rocky canyon. The spray created from the crashing water often results in rainbows, and adventurous travelers can take a motorboat tour in the river to appreciate the falls from a different perspective.

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